STOP BUGG'N! We're here to help! ​​​​​We are skilled specialists in lice removal, providing a safe, comfortable experience. Our lice treatment studio is open 7 days a week to help you! BY APPOINTMENT ONLY
Head Lice Treatment Studio​​​
Head Lice Treatment Studio
Our head lice treatment studio located in Vaughan offers a family friendly and relaxing atmosphere. Rest assure your family will be comfortable in our treatment room. We have professional salon chairs and offer complimentary WIFI, nut free child friendly snacks, personal tablets to watch movies, toys and crafts. We hope to make you feel at home in our beautiful and leading edge studio.
  1. 7-10
    days for a nit to hatch
  2. 7-10
    days for a baby louse to become an adult
  3. 20
    approximate days a head louse lives after mating
  4. 30
    approximate lifespan of a head louse from hatching to dying